Vehicles and Equipment

At Moot Towing, we boast an impressive fleet of towing vehicles and equipment to satify all your towing needs.

Our Vehicles:

 We sport several Sling LDV's (Light Duty Vehicles) with rollback trailers as well as heavy duty trucks (5-8 Ton). Our vehicles are serviced frequently and maintained to only the best standards, ensuring that your experience with Moot Towing is exceptional! Should you require emergency assistance, Moot Towing also sports top of the range Response Vehicles, ensuring that you are assisted as fast as possible.

Our Equipment:

At Moot Towing, we ensure that all equipment used complies to safety regulations. Our equipment is also maintained to the highest standards and serviced regularly. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, we diligently replace all equipment that is damaged or has run to the end of its safe work cycle ensuring we conform to a high level of safety in our industry.

Tow Masters®

At Moot Towing, our Tow Masters are extensively trained with a wealth of experience to ensure that your experience with Moot Towing is professional and exceeds your expectations. All our Tow Masters have also undergone extensive background checks and are fully licenced.\ What can you expect from Moot Towing's Tow Masters? Exceptional service! Our Tow Masters; 1. are qualified to drive different types of trucks, which enables them to attend to your every need 2. always adhere to their safety procedures and the laws of the road 3. work with the police, emergency services and insurance companies when needed for your convenience 4. have accident recovery experience, this includes your safety as well as that of your vehicle 5. from time to time, our Tow Masters may assist with minor repairs on your vehicle such as a battery change, changing a flat tyre or to jump-start your vehicle It may be required that our Tow Masters need to perform minor repairs to your stalled or damaged vehicle before they can move your vehicle. This could include bending back or removing parts of your vehicle. Whatever situation you find yourself in, Moot Towing's Tow Masters will effectively and timeously assist in your needs.

Types of Towing

Hook and Chain Towing (Rope Towing)

This form of towing is not permitted in South Africa and is not a reliable form in which to professionally tow vehicles without causing damage to the vehicle. Due to the likelihood of damage this type of towing is currently reserved for the recovery of written-off or severely damaged vehicles in usually inaccessible areas, usually with a roll-back tow truck on standby to pick up the vehicle once it has been recovered. In this method a chain or rope is secured around the vehicle's undercarriage or axel.

Axle Cradle Towing (Sling Towing)

This form of towing uses a metal and rubber yoke which is placed underneath the front or rear carriage of the vehicle, it is then secured to the wheels of the vehicle. This form of towing lifts one side of the vehicle (front or rear) and coupled with the yoke, reduces the chance of a towed vehicle being damaged compared to the rough approach of hook and chain towing used for recovery.

Flat-bed Towing (Roll-back)

Truck and/or Trailer rollback systems The roll-back system is mounted in two different forms, namely onto trucks and onto trailers. This system employs the use of a platform surface structure (Metal) which is mounted onto either a trailer base or onto the back-end of a truck from which hydraulic arms lower the flatbed creating a ramp from which an accompanying winch either pull the vehicle onto the platform or alternatively the vehicle is driven onto the platform.

The vehicle is secures to the platform which is them lifted back into its transport position on the back of the truck or trailer. This is the safest and most professional form of towing currently being utilised within the market and offers the client the least likelihood of vehicle damage whilst the vehicle is being towed.


Moot Towing's Tow Type Usage Moot Towing utilises all three of these different forms of towing, each is used whilst encountering different situations, we utilise these three forms as follows; Roll-back Towing is Moot Towing's first and foremost form of towing in all circumstances where the rollback is able to pick up the vehicle safely. This is also the main form from which all vehicles are mainly transported between it location and destination.

Hook and Chain towing is used during a vehicle recovery. When a client's vehicle has been in an accident and has rolled off of the road into an inaccessible area either covered in water or marsh land where tow truck vehicles are unable to safely recover the vehicle. A chain and hook are used to recover the wrecked vehicle from a distance.

Axel Cradle Towing is used when vehicles cannot be picked up by one of our roll-back tow trucks; this problem is usually experienced when a client’s vehicle is parked in an underground basement or with a low lying structure above the vehicle where the vehicle cannot be raised onto a higher roll-back. The vehicle is then carefully mounted onto a cradle tow truck and brought out into an accessible area where it can be lifted by a roll-back tow truck and transported to its destination. 

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